Frequently Asked Questions

What leasing options are available?

​We offer lease terms that vary in length from 3 months to 14 months. 

What is a guarantor and do I have to have one?

​A guarantor is a person that guarantees to pay for the rent if the primary lease holder is unable to do so. The main reason we would require a guarantor is if you do not income qualify for the apartment on your own. 

What is an individual lease? Do you offer individual leases?

​Each unit rented is on it's own lease. There can be more than one person living in one of our apartments on the same lease. 

What are your application requirements?

​You must make 3 times base rent and pass a criminal and credit background check. 

Can I apply online?

​Yes! Please visit the property website and click on apply to start your application today! 

Is there an application fee?

​Yes. There is a $50 application fee and a $200 Administrative fee when you apply. 

Do I have to pay first & last month's rent?

​Typically we do not require future residents to pay 1st and last month's rent. There are some circumstances where we may ask for an additional deposit based on your credit history. 

When is rent due and how can I pay my rent? What forms of payment are acceptable?

​Rent is due on the 1st of the month. You may pay via check at the office. Through your portal, you are able to pay via bank account or credit card. We do not accept cash payments. 

Is there a late fee for overdue payments? Is there a grace period?

​Rent is considered late on the 4th of each month. The first day your rent is late there is a $50 late fee and a $5 late fee for each day after. 

Are utilities included?

​You will set up an account with Evergy under your own name. Water is $40 for a 1BR and $50 for a 2 BR. Trash is $10, Valet trash is $25. 

Is renter's insurance required?

​Yes. You must have a minimum of $100,000 of liability coverage. 

Do you have items I can rent?

​Yes. We have parking spaces and storage units available for rent. 

What happens if I need to move out before my lease expires?

If you need to move out before your lease is complete there is a $2000 break lease fee. 

Can the apartment be listed on AirBnB or VRBO?

​No. Subletting is not allowed per our lease. 

What are the occupancy limits?

​There is a limit of 2 people per bedroom. 

Can I request a specific apartment?

​Yes, if that unit is available we would be happy to lease it to you. 

Do you accept Section 8 vouchers?

​No. We currently do not accept any housing vouchers. 

How long can you hold an apartment and how much is the deposit?

​We can hold an apartment for up to 30 days from your application or from when the unit is available, whichever is later.  

What are hours of the leasing office?

Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Saturday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm, Sunday: Closed

Do you have free internet/WiFi?

No, internet/WiFi is not included or free. 

Do you offer valet trash service and/or recycling?

Yes, for an additional fee of $25. 

Do you have cable? If so who is the provider? Is there a separate charge?

​Yes. Our current cable providers are AT&T, Spectrum, or Google Fiber. 

Do you have package lockers/how do I get my packages?

​Packages are delivered to the office. Once checked in you will be notified. Packages are available to be picked up during office hours. 

Is storage included? Is additional storage available?

​No. We do have additional storage units that are available to be rented. 

How do I reserve community amenities?

​Please reach out to the front desk to coordinate reservation of our conference rooms. 

What security features does this property offer?

Our properties are patrolled nightly by a courtesy officer. If you see something and would like to report it you can give them a call at (816) 436-0401. 

Does this community have a pest control service?

​Yes. Please contact the office if you would like to schedule pest control services. 

What kind of insects should I be aware of?

​There are not any usual pests that you need to be aware of.

Are BBQ grills available year round?

View Fire Code Requirements.

Does the community have bicycle racks?

​Yes. There are bike racks available in the parking garages.

Is there laundry on-site?

​All of our units have a washer and dryer provided. 

What decorations or changes to the apartment are prohibited?

​You can hang stuff up as well as use Command strips. Please be aware that you could be charged for any damage to the drywall upon move out. 

I have a noise complaint. Who do I contact?

​Please contact the office through your portal or by giving us a call at 816-777-5900. 

What is the smoking policy? Can I smoke in my apartment? Is there a designated smoking area?

​We are a non-smoking property. 

I need emergency maintenance. Who do I call?

​Please call our emergency maintenance line at 913-791-2523

I have a non-emergency maintenance issue. Who do I contact?

​Please call the office at 816-777-5900 or submit a contact through your portal. 

Do you allow pets? What is the pet policy?

Pets welcome on select units, with an additional pet deposit, pet fees and monthly pet rent. Maximum of 2 pets per unit, with a combined weight of no more than 75 lbs. Please contact us with additional questions regarding our pet policy.

What is the parking situation? Is parking assigned? Is there a fee or permit required for parking? Is there a fee or permit required for parking?

Parking garages, street parking, lot parking. Some covered parking with street parking available. 

What do I do if someone parks in my parking spot? What is the policy for guest parking?

​Please call the office at 816-777-5900 or submit a contact through your portal if someone is parked in your spot. Guests are allowed to parking the street and in designated areas. 

What is the policy for snow removal?

​Our office handles snow removal. If there is an area you are concerned about, please call our office at 816-777-5900. 

Are there building quiet hours?

​Quiet hours are from 10pm to 7am every day. 

Are there fees for using the communal spaces?

​No! All of our communal spaces are free and open for residents to use. 

Are there restrictions for what can be put on balconies or patios? Grills, for example?

Look up Fire Code. 

What is the procedure for moving in/out?

You will receive an email upon your request to move in or out. Follow that for instructions. 

Is there public transportation nearby? What stop is closest?

There are many bus stops nearby for easy access to transportation. 

How much traffic is there in the area? Are there any times during day/night that it is heavy?

In the neighborhood, little to no traffic. Gillham and Main street are both fairly busy streets. 

What is the surrounding neighborhood like?

Lovely neighborhood with plenty of resources. 

Is there shopping nearby?

​Yes, there could be shops right below you! 

Are washers and dryers available? Are they in the apartment?

Yes, washers and dryers are available in every unit. 

Do apartments have dishwashers?

Yes, dishwashers are available in each unit. 

What kind of kitchen appliances are in the apartment?

Fridge, Dishwasher, Stove, Microwave in every unit.

Are stoves gas or electric?

Mostly electric, gas ranges in select units.

Do kitchen sinks have a garbage disposal?


Is there a bathtub or just a shower?

Tub and shower. 

Do apartments have USB outlets?


When were these apartments built? Have there been any renovations?

2014. No renovations since they've been built. 

Are the apartments furnished?

​We currently do not offer furnished units. 

What size apartments do you offer?

Studio, 1-, and 2-bedroom options available. 

What type of flooring do the apartments have?

​Carpet and LVP in most units. 

Do any of your apartments have a loft?


Do any of your apartments have patios or balconies?

Yes. Make sure to check the floorplans to see. 

Do the apartments have air condition?

All of them offer air conditioning.